Top Seven Shows Playing in Toronto

Toronto is known for its arts and theater. It is considered by many to be the art centre of Canada. At any one time, there is a large variety of shows playing in the city that will surely captivate and entertain. With a large range and selection of world-class theater, it is no wonder that Toronto has been the leaving city in Canada when it comes to entertainment, arts and theatrical productions.

Whether it is musicals, dance ballets or even concerts by some of the top singers and entertainers in the world, Toronto has it all. But what are the top shows currently playing in Toronto theaters? Let’s go over some of the most famous shows playing in Toronto’s theaters.

1. Matilda The Musical

Playing at the Ed Mirvish Theatre
This musical has already won over fifty international awards. It is about a special girl who takes a stance against those around her. And she ends up changing and controlling her destiny. It is a lesson for everyone and especially for those who want to grab life and run with it. It is also a wonderful musical with excellent performances on stage.

2. Come Far Away

Playing at the Royal Alexandra Theater.
This is the first time that this musical comes to Toronto before it heads to Broadway. It involves Canadian cast and writers. It is an outstanding show that will grab your attention and will not let go until the curtains have fallen.

3. Sleeping Beauty

Playing at the Elgin Theatre
Don’t we all love this story? Sleeping beauty take an age-old concept and translates it into something special. This show is especially excellent for the entire family, whether you are a teenager, a kid or the grandpa taking the children to the theater.

4.  La Sylphide and The Four Temperaments

national ballet

Playing at National Ballet

A wonderful romantic classic, you are bound to fall in love with this one, especially if you appreciate and enjoy ballet. It is endearing to the heart, magical in every sense and a wonderful show for everyone.

5. The Audience

Playing at the Royal Alexandra Theatre
Over sixty years ago, royal rituals sure were different than they are today. In this riveting play, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the meeting between the royal queen the prime ministers.  Fiona Reid is magnificent, and the entire cast deserves to be congratulated for an amazing performance.

6. The Sound of Music

Playing at the Ed Mirvish Theatre
We all know the original sound of music movie. After all, who did not see this timeless classic when they were a kid. However, you have never seen it like this before. It talks about everyone’s favorite story, where nuns and nazis are in the plotline. Moreover, the beautiful music that covers the entire audience with an aura of calm and appreciation. You have got to check it out.

7. The Illusionists

Playing at the Princess of Wales Theatre
If you appreciate magic, then this one is for you. The illusionists is a partly entertainment show, partly magic and illusion. Do not be surprised when things disappear and re-appear because this show has it all. It is guaranteed to battle you and entertain you at the same time.

Whatever your tastes are, Toronto theaters has something for you to enjoy. Here, we have barely touched the surface of what the magnificent art scene of Toronto has to offer. So be sure to check back often for the next batch of shows and events in the GTA.

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